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GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime APK v9.65 Latest Download

GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime is yet another popular WhatsApp Mod by none other than an Android Mod developer Sam. GBWhatsApp Transparent APK has all the features which is available in GBWhatsapp, however GBWhatsapp Transparent provides some amazing look which is not available in GBWhatsapp.

If you are one who is using GBWhatsapp from a very long time but got bored of the default GBWhatsapp look? Then you are at the right place. GBWhatsapp Transparent makes the whole GBWhatsApp experience in a complete new way.

There are many other Whatsapp MODs available in the market. Some of the best WhatsApp mods are YoWhatsApp, Fouad Whatsapp, GBWhatsApp Delta etc. Also if you have non-rooted device you can try WA Tracker, Which unlocks many hidden WhatsApp features.

The main reason behind the popularity of these Mods are because they provide more features as compared to the official version.

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Download GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime APK

What is GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime APK?

GBWhatsapp Transparent is a WhatsApp mod which is based on the original WhatsApp Mod called GBWhatsApp. It has all the GBWhatsapp features, but it has some customization on the looks. This mod is modded by Sam who goes by the instagram ID sam_1431_.

Sam is a Software Engineer  by Education. He is a passionate Android App Modder and Blogger by Passion. He runs a website which provides many other Whatsapp Mods.

GBWhatsapp Transparent APK Features

  • Theming: GbWhatsApp Transparent has many other themes in the Theme Section. Just go to GB Settings >> Themes)
  • Real-time Update Checker: Check whether your GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime APK is up to date or not by going to the Real-time update checker. (GB settings>> Real-time Update Checker)
  • Auto Reply Message: Just like GBWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp Transparent too has this feature. (GB settings >> Auto Reply Message)
  • Transparent Themes: This themes based on the transparent colors (GB settings >> Color full Transparent Themes)
  • Appearance: You can Customize the Conversation Screen, Main/Chat Screen, Popup Notification, Widgets, Media Sharing, Lock and Many More
  • Many More

What’s New in V9.65 Features

• Improve DND Mode (Disable Internet only for WhatsApp) (Home Page – Header)
• Added Option to Hide DND Mode Icon (mod 3.4.9)
• Fixed message details icon not showing on Chat ActionBar
• Fixed reply icon not showing on Chat ActionBar
• Fixed attachment icon not showing on Chat ActionBar
• Fixed Old UI ( option 3.4.1)
• Fixed app doesnt start on some devices
• ability to delete messages (Select any message – open options and click delete for everyone)
• Improved Privacy Settings
• Fixed WhatsApp.log
• Fixed The date and day not showing Next to new Statuses (Statuses Screen)
• Fixed Schedule message
• Fixed option (2.27)
• fixed @mention Icon on Main Screen to easily Know where you are tagged
• Improved split videos option (move it to option 4.7)
• Fixed the sender name not appearing on the Chats screen
• Fixed Contact Name Color in Conversation Actionbar
• Fixed Mic on the Chat screen
• Fixed App Crash when Hide/show Chats
• Fixed App Crash when change chat wallpaper
• Fixed App Crash when click on Themes search icon
• Other fixes

Download GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime Latest version 

Download APK

GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime APK Version Info

Name GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime
Version v9.65
Last Updated October 1, 2019
Developer SAM
Size 42 MB
Based on 2.19.150

How to Install GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime in Android Device

Step 1: First you need to download the APK file from the Download button provided above.

Step 2: Now open the APK file and Tap on Install, It will start the installation process.

Install GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime

Step 3: Now verify GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime by using mobile number.

gbwhatsapp Transparent Prime APK Screenshot

Once the installation process complete, Open the menu from the top right corner and select Gb Settings to customize the app.

FAQs of GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime

Does GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime Delta collect data from you?

No, GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime don’t collect any type of data from the app user.

Is GB WhatsApp Transparent Prime legal to use?

Any modded application which edit the original source code is not legal by the law. However, you can use modded application for personal use.

What if your account banned?

As it is not an official app and WhatsApp can ban your account. So there will be no responsibility to the developer of this mod. Better use this mod with a secondary phone number and don’t use it for official purposes.

Does GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime is same as GBWhatsapp?

In terms of features, it is same but GBWhatsapp Transparent Prime provide more customization options as compared to GBWhatsapp.

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